Conftest Module

Local plugins for pytest.

This module contains fixtures that can be used in pytest unit tests. Note that you don’t have to import anything from this module to use the fixtures. Pytest performs dependency injection based on each test’s argument list.

For more details, have a look at the Pytest documentation.


Create a temporary directory in which the test will be run.

This fixture creates a temporary directory and changes our working directory to that temporary directory. After the test is complete, the temporary directory and all files in that directory are deleted.

This fixture allows us to create files as we please without worry of interfering with future tests.

Instantiate a searchinator test client.

The test client object is used to issue HTTP requests to our web application. We can send GET and POST (or any other type of request) to our application just like a browser would. Then, we can inspect the HTTP responses we receive and perform assertions on them.


Generate five random inators.


Retrieve the path the app uses to store JSON data files.